10 films somehow political to grasp Italy

Famous-but-not-too-much movies from different eras that have effectively whipped up the distortions of Italian society in ironic, bitter, or surreal ways
10 films
10 famous-but-not-too-much movies from different eras that have effectively whipped up the distortions of Italian society in ironic, bitter, or surreal ways

Una vita difficile (A difficult life)

Dino Risi, 1961

10 films - una vita difficile

Silvio refuses to fight for the fascists, joining the resistance and the beautiful Elena instead. After the war, he becomes a penniless but honest journalist, eventually landing in prison.

    Le mani sulla città (Hands over the city)

    Francesco Rosi, 1963

    10 films - le mani sulla città

      Prior to the city council election, the collapse of a building forces a ruthless contractor and his political backers to deal with the ensuing scandal.

      La vita agra

      Carlo Lizzani, 1964

      10 films - la vita agra

        The story of Luciano, a disillusioned intellectual who, after losing his job, plots to bomb his former workplace but finds himself entangled in life’s absurdities and struggles.

        Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (Investigation of a citizen above suspicion)

        Elio Petri, 1970

        10 films - indagine

        A high-ranking police officer murders his mistress and manipulates the investigation, exposing the corruption and abuse of power within the political and judicial systems.

          In nome del popolo italiano (In the name of the Italian People)

          Dino Risi, 1971

          10 films - in nome del popolo italiano

          A corrupt industrialist and a principled judge clash over the death of a young woman, revealing deep-seated issues of justice, morality, and the socio-political tensions within Italian society.

            Una giornata particolare (A special day)

            Ettore Scola, 1977

            10 films

              On the day of Hitler’s visit to Rome, a housewife and her neighbor form an unexpected bond, confronting personal struggles and societal norms amidst the backdrop of fascist Italy.

              Porte aperte (Open doors)

              Gianni Amelio, 1990

              10 films - porte aperte

                In 1930s Sicily, a judge of unwavering principles grapples with a case demanding capital punishment, challenging societal norms and his own moral convictions.

                Il portaborse (The Yes Man)

                Daniele Luchetti, 1991

                  In Italy on the brink of the bribery scandal outbreak, young minister Botero, notorious for corruption, hires Professor Luciano Sandrulli, a penniless idealist, as his ghostwriter.

                  Il capitale umano (Human capital)

                  Paolo Virzì, 2013


                  In a wealthy city in northern Italy, a man on a bicycle is run over by an off-roader. This event will trigger a series of consequences for several families from different backgrounds.


                  Stefano Sollima, 2015

                  A corrupt politician, a ruthless gangster, and a conflicted mob fixer vie for power and survival in Rome’s criminal underworld, leading to a violent showdown.

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